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Infographic: More Than Just Coupons

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Why We’re Exclusive…

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If your application was rejected, or you’re just curious why we are so exclusive, we’d like to shed some light on a few reasons. First, a little background. We receive hundreds of applications every week and manually review every single one of them for a variety of quality indicators. Currently, we only accept 5-10% of applicants in to the network. Here’s why…

From the day we started, we set out to raise the bar for both our advertisers and our affiliates. It’s why we call ourselves a
“boutique network”. We only work with legitimate, non-spammy offers and we pride ourselves on being a family-friendly, honest, and ethical company. This means we regularly reject offers if they don’t pass our “Grandma Test” (more on that in another post). We also review affiliate applications with similar rigorous standards to ensure a higher level of quality for our advertisers and brands we work with.

Some companies will approve just about anyone who applies. We don’t think that’s fair to publishers who have poured their heart and soul in to creating a unique, quality offering for their visitors. The most common reason we reject applications is due to the length of time, or more importantly, the lack thereof that a person has been blogging. We look for consistent quality content going back 6+ months. The next most common reason is lack of unique content. Our affiliates work hard to create their own unique content and we don’t think it’s very honest or ethical to create a blog of entirely copied content. If an applicant has nothing or very little unique to offer, chances are we will not approve the application. It’s just one more way to support our affiliates. The third most common reason applications are rejected is due to technical issues. If a site is inaccessible, or has major issues with the layout/formatting/implementation of other ads or basic functionality, we will not approve the application.

Don’t get us wrong, we love the opportunity to work with new affiliates, but very few make the cut. We’re proud to call ourselves exclusive and we hope our advertisers and affiliates appreciate these values and the boutique atmosphere we’ve created over the years.

Let us know what you think on our Facebook page, we’d love to hear from you! – http://www.facebook.com/EscalateNetwork


A Full Cup

Images Earn More!

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We studied 3,800 affiliates and over 200,000 coupon print-sessions to find out how to get the most out of a coupon post. Here’s an infographic summarizing our findings:

6 Tips to push past writers block.

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As bloggers, sometimes we are so busy trying to produce content for our sites/blogs, we forget what really matters. We wonder why we have writers block, or can’t come up with that next great post or article. Don’t get me wrong, we all have our bad days, but Escalate Network has some tips that will help you overcome those mental blocks, so you can produce content people will want to read again and again.

1. Don’t Just Follow! – So many blogs/sites are just copycats… taking one idea or post and just rehashing it. Sometimes you can’t help but rehash a topic.. but don’t just follow what others do. Give new perspective and provide your own unique insight or opinion. This will keep visitors coming back over and over again.

2. Your Personality Must Shine Through – Sure, you can write for rankings and keyword stuffing… but what will that get you? One time visitors. You want readers, not just visitors. Let your “voice” shine through your articles/posts. Open up and let them know the real you. When a visitor feels a connection with the author, they become more than just a visitor.

3. You Must Connect – When you’re small you MUST CONNECT! If you get 1 comment, don’t just think “I shouldn’t reply because its only one”… think “this person took their time to leave a comment I should take my time to reply” Connect!

4. You Must Love It! – If you don’t love it, throw in the towel now. Put up a “Closed” sign on your site and let someone who does love it succeed… SO MANY get into the internet space for the money and end up wondering why they are not succeeding. It’s because they are chasing money and not their passion. Does that mean stop blogging?No. Maybe you were trying to start a site about “Colleges” but your passion is “Clothing”. Write about what you love and people will come to it. Many of the biggest blogs/sites started out of passion/love not for money.

5. When You Love It! – You won’t hit road blocks (Let me rephrase… road blocks will become speed bumps because if it’s something you love, nothing will stop you). Take my Dad, he Loves Fishing. He could talk/write about fishing 24/7/365 and it would never get old to him and he could get just about anyone excited about it. Not just fish tales, but true stories, the who’s, what’s, when’s, and the where’s. Do that for your readers and they will come back not just daily but hourly.

6. Have Fun! – Just like my Dad shares the funny stories of getting hooked with lures, share your funny experiences. Live it up. Don’t be afraid to go off topic on occasion (look at #2). But have fun with it… do crazy contests… with funny pics or funny stories… but start it off by sharing one of yours first.

I hope this helps some of you blog/site owners out there!

5 Tips to become an Unsuccessful Affiliate

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We have decided to make a better effort to inform our affiliates and on occasion provide useful content that they can use to help grow their marketing efforts, website or blog. So lets get this started with 5 Tips to Become an Unsuccessful Affiliate. You read it right an unsuccessful affiliate… why would we do that… well read the article and I can almost guarantee that you are doing 1 of the 5 things. Or if for some reason you don’t want to be a successful affiliate this will help you get there. :)

1. Procrastinate as Much as You Can
We put off so many things these days as we always have something vying for our attention. So if you want to be unsuccessful put it all off until tomorrow. Why not as there will always be tomorrow so why do it today? Make that post that could make you money wait till tomorrow (it doesn’t matter if it’s a hot offer and will be gone tomorrow then you can just not post about another offer). Should I make a Facebook page for my site? …Naaa… Facebook will be around tomorrow.

2. Just Post Every Offer on Your Site as a Banner.
Just get those offers posted as a banner, and then forget them as quickly as possible. It doesn’t matter that you have new visitors everyday, why would you want to inform them about great offers and make a lot of money each day when you can do nothing and might make a $1.00 in a month?

3. Read About Great Ways to Promote Offers but Never Do Them.
That’s right, read every blog post out there. Get all that great information then sit in your office chair reading more blogs about how to make more money or better engage with your audience. Just keep reading and clicking all day then before you know it all you will have done is read great posts and have done nothing else.

4. Never Change Anything.
You want to be unsuccessful, so don’t change a thing. Who cares if your site looks like it was made on Geocities… or every single image on your page is animated… people love things that never change… this will guarantee you to be unsuccessful!

5. Ignore Emails and Advice from your Affiliate Manager
Your affiliate manager knows the ins and outs of the affiliate business, plus they know what offers are converting like fire and which ones aren’t doing so well. Plus if you never communicate with your affiliate manager how are they going to know what you need to be successful? If your goal is to be unsuccessful, you should just ignore any and all advice that comes from your affiliate manager.

In all seriousness, I hope none of you ever do these 5 things listed above because they will cause you to be unsuccessful and we want you to succeed. We want you to provide your visitors with offers that are relevant and useful to them and make you money along the way. Do you have some really bad advice that no successful affiliate should follow? Submit a comment and let us know.

“Business2Blogger” Giveaway & New Affiliate Bonus!

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Hello bloggers! For those of you who don’t know, Escalate Affiliate Network is the premier affiliate network focused on bloggers in the couponing, savvy, freebie, and frugal space. Our offers include brand names you know and trust and exclusive couponing offers. If you ask any of our 950+ affiliates, they’ll likely tell you we are one of the most friendly, hands on, fastest paying, highest payout networks they’ve ever worked with (I know because I get several emails like that every day; our affiliates are the best!!). Once you become an Escalate Network affiliate, you’ll start earning more from your blog and get paid quicker because we make it easy!

New Affiliate Bonus
If you aren’t already an Escalate Network affiliate, we’d like to offer you a special bonus! Every Business2Blogger member that becomes a new affiliate before October 8, 2010 will receive a $10 credit in their account. Apply today! ($10 credit will be applied within 48 hours of approval)

Business2Blogger Giveaway
In addition to the $10 credit for new affiliates, we’re giving away TWO $50 Amazon gift cards, just in time for the holidays! All you have to do is tell your fellow Business2Blogger friends that you signed up for the Escalate Affiliate Network by following us and including “@escalatenetwork” in a tweet, or “Like” us on Facebook and leave a comment on our wall. Leave a comment on this post when you’re done!

If you’re already an Escalate affiliate, let everyone know what you think about @escalatenetwork on Twitter or Facebook!

We’ll draw 1 random person that mentions us on Twitter, and 1 random person that leaves a comment on our Faceboook wall. Drawing will take place on Friday, October 8th. You don’t have to be an affiliate to win the gift card (but we’d sure like it if you signed up and became one of our awesome affiliates!)

How time flies!

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Wow it has been two months since we made a blog post about the Escalate Network. I would appologize but honestly we have been so busy finding our affiliates top quality offers with great payouts, we are hoping yall will forgive us for not posting.  Our network is here to help you (the affiliate) make money not to be another blog BUT we do want to use this blog to help communicate with our affiliates. With that said we are going to try to blog more often but if we don’t just know it is because we are so busy finding new offers or providing tips to our affiliates on how to make more money. We have some exciting news to announce in the next few weeks so stay tuned you won’t want to miss it! If you aren’t an affiliate already Click Here to signup. If you are an affiliate login and checkout the latest offers and payouts!

Webinar For Affiliates On April 8th

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Meet Your Affiliate Manager & Learn How To Earn More From The Escalate Network!

Join us on Thursday, April 8th at 9:00PM EST (8PM CST / 7PM MST / 6PM PST) for an online webinar just for Escalate Media Network Affiliates! Meet your affiliate managers and have a chance to ask questions and learn how to get the most from our network.

We’ll demonstrate how to use the Escalate Network system to find new offers and show you in real time how to use Blogger and WordPress to display our offers on your web site. We’ll also discuss tips and tricks to earn more from your site and answer your questions in real time!

Register For The Webinar Here

We hope you can join us for this free webinar to meet us and the other Escalate Network Affiliates! We look forward to your questions and will send you a reminder before the event via email.

Escalate Media Affiliate Network Blog Launches

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We have officially started teh Escalate Media Affiliate Network Blog.  Check back often for network and offer updates.