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Why We’re Exclusive…

Posted July 23rd, 2012 | Posted In Uncategorized

If your application was rejected, or you’re just curious why we are so exclusive, we’d like to shed some light on a few reasons. First, a little background. We receive hundreds of applications every week and manually review every single one of them for a variety of quality indicators. Currently, we only accept 5-10% of applicants in to the network. Here’s why…

From the day we started, we set out to raise the bar for both our advertisers and our affiliates. It’s why we call ourselves a
“boutique network”. We only work with legitimate, non-spammy offers and we pride ourselves on being a family-friendly, honest, and ethical company. This means we regularly reject offers if they don’t pass our “Grandma Test” (more on that in another post). We also review affiliate applications with similar rigorous standards to ensure a higher level of quality for our advertisers and brands we work with.

Some companies will approve just about anyone who applies. We don’t think that’s fair to publishers who have poured their heart and soul in to creating a unique, quality offering for their visitors. The most common reason we reject applications is due to the length of time, or more importantly, the lack thereof that a person has been blogging. We look for consistent quality content going back 6+ months. The next most common reason is lack of unique content. Our affiliates work hard to create their own unique content and we don’t think it’s very honest or ethical to create a blog of entirely copied content. If an applicant has nothing or very little unique to offer, chances are we will not approve the application. It’s just one more way to support our affiliates. The third most common reason applications are rejected is due to technical issues. If a site is inaccessible, or has major issues with the layout/formatting/implementation of other ads or basic functionality, we will not approve the application.

Don’t get us wrong, we love the opportunity to work with new affiliates, but very few make the cut. We’re proud to call ourselves exclusive and we hope our advertisers and affiliates appreciate these values and the boutique atmosphere we’ve created over the years.

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